Murchison-Hume's Furniture Spritzer Acts as a Duster for Furniture

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: archerhardgoods
Murchison-Hume's Furniture Spritzer is a biodegradable cleaning product that makes dusting a breeze. The spray bottle can clean virtually any furniture surface that one might own, including wood, lacquer, plastic, and even upholstery, keeping dust and pet dander down so furniture shines.

The Furniture Spritzer comes in two scents: Original Fig and Australian Wine Grapefruit. These fragrances, along with the active ingredients in the cleaner itself, are completely environmentally safe. The surfactants in the Furniture Spritzer are derived from sugar cane, meaning that they are biodegradable.

Murchison-Hume's spray is also refillable, reducing the amount of packaging that needs to be produced for each bottle (i.e. by eliminating the need for a new spray top for every Furniture Spritzer purchased.)