From Card-Sized Tracking Devices to Sporty Smart Goggles

 - May 30, 2015
There are a lot of big, bold ideas included in the list of top May 2015 gadget trends. However, living in an information age, people acclimatize to technology very quickly. In a few short years, we'll likely be wondering how we ever lived without technology that, as of right now, seems pretty far-out.

Take the MINI Augmented Vision, for instance, a pair of augmented reality glasses that make solid parts of the wearer's car appear transparent to minimize risk of blind spots and facilitate easier parking. Augmented reality might very well be the logical evolution in the automobile industry.

Technology such as augmented and virtual reality, along with 3D printing, are quickly becoming integrated into the mainstream, a fact which is clearly evidenced by the top May 2015 gadget trends.