This Tiny Device Warns the Blind About Obstacles In Their Path

 - Mar 31, 2015
References: & gizmag
Researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear at Schepens Research Institute are testing a pocket-sized collision warning device that is being targeted towards the blind, who are often at risk of colliding with objects when out and about. This device, which would sit on the wearer's chest, aims to make walking safer for people with visual impairments by warning them about obstacles in their path that they are at risk of walking into or colliding with.

The system, which of course uses a camera to detect obstacles, issues warnings based on an estimate of how far away the collision is in terms of time, and not distance. The researchers tested the system on patients who were made to walk a loop-shaped obstacle course filled with obstacles and pedestrians.

This collision warning device intelligently uses existing technology and applies it to an oft-ignored demographic, those with physical limitations and impairments, for whom it could prove to be lifechanging.