The SmartRim Sensor Detects Curbs and Other Obstacles

 - Apr 29, 2015
References: & gizmag
The SmartRim is a wireless device that is designed to make parking easier and eliminate the chances of you scraping your car wheel against the curb when parking.

Created by tech entrepreneur Steven D. Domenikos, the SmartRim gives drivers a clear idea of the proximity of curbs as well as other obstacles that could impede the car's wheel. The device uses a sensor that bounces ultrasonic waves off nearby objects dozens of times a second, while measuring how much time it takes for those waves to register back.

The app functionality is the icing on the cake; SmartRim is an intelligently designed and easy-to-use device that will be appreciated by anybody who's ever heard that sickening scraping noise that occurs when a park job goes wrong.