The Robotic Third Hand is a 3D-Printed Hand Attachment That Holds Tools

 - Apr 2, 2015
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If you've ever found yourself in need of extra helping hand, this 3D-printed hand attachment might be of some use for the next time. Dubbed the Robotic Third Hand, this creation by engineer Timothy Giles was developed as an entry for the Hackaday Everyday Carry Contest.

The high-tech hand attachment is designed to hold tools like screwdrivers, so that they're more accessible than reaching for a table or toolbelt. The device is unobstructive enough to leave both sets of fingers free for handiwork, but when a screwdriver is needed, the wearer is able to press a button and have the tool placed in their hand. Although the device doesn't do any of the fixing itself, this 3D-printed attachment is a clever way to make sure that your tools are quite literally, always on hand.