The SpillMate Converts Regular Vacuum Cleaners Into Wet-Vacs

 - Apr 28, 2015
References: & gizmag
The SpillMate is a hose that can be attached to any old vacuum cleaner to convert it into a liquid-sucking wet-vac. This simple add-on lets you quickly and easily suck liquid out of the carpet without having to purchase a separate device.

What's great about this contraption is that it doesn't require any electricity on its own, and instead uses the suction of the vacuum cleaner to draw in liquid. A chamber within the SpillMate prevents liquid from infiltrating the vacuum hose, instead diverting it to a reservoir. The reservoir has a safety feature that automatically shuts off airflow to the vacuum in the event of a potential overflow.

The SpillMate is a great example of how existing products can be supplemented and enjoy greater functionality using smart engineering and design.