From Hyperconnected Ovens to Household Advisor Apps

 - Apr 25, 2015
From lightbulbs that double as speakers to cocktail glasses with combined forms, many of the top April 2015 home ideas feature playful hybrid shapes.

As outlined in chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche's new release and New York Times bestseller, Better and Faster, the pattern that these spring home trends are most in line with is convergence. Convergence is exemplified by combining products, layering, co-branding and merging multiple functions. For instance, Electrolux updates the kitchen with its Smart Oven concept, which is equipped with cameras so that food cooking can be viewed remotely from a mobile device.

These kinds of crossovers can also be seen with products like smartphones that are turned into remote controls, clocks that double as photo albums and candles that take inspiration from bottles of alcohol.