These DIY Wipes Keep Your Bathroom Clean, Fresh and Fragrant

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: popsugar
Keep your bathroom looking clean and smelling fresh with these DIY wipes that are also easy on the eye. These wipes are surprisingly easy to make and are perfect for use on countertops, sink hardware and faucets and even mirrors, destroying bacteria and leaving behind a fresh lemony scent.

Before you need wipes, you of course need a slick container to put them in. Simply use a large yogurt container and spray paint with the color of your choice. Now it's time to make the actual cleaning solution.

For this, mix water, lemon juice, vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a small bowl. Then add baking soda and some dish soap. Now take a paper towel roll, cut in half, place inside your spray-painted container and pour your cleaning mixture over it, allowing the liquid to soak into the towels. Then simply cut a small circle in the middle of the plastic and feed the center of your wet paper towels through the hole. You're good to go!

This 'recipe' is great because it doesn't require the use of harsh chemicals, but the end product is still both functional and pleasant to use.