MOW Light Gives Every Type of Illumination, Controlled by Its Position

 - Mar 6, 2015
References: & yankodesign
If you want to switch on this abstract lamp, just turn it over; if you want to switch it off, reposition it once more. The wonderfully whimsical thing about this MOW lamp is that that it encourages a more tactile and playful form of interaction that eliminates the electrical bells and whistles to which we've grown accustomed.

With Emilie Deltort's enchanting illuminator, you can do more than simply ignite or snuff out its soft while glow. The nature of the irregularly shaped object means that its many facets can become bases, enabling you to angle the light source in any direction you like. For a more ambient atmosphere, face this abstract lamp downwards so that it reflects from the table beneath it. More intense rays are cast when it's pointed up.