This Book Table Lamp Hinges Wide to Emit Greater Illumination from Its Panels

 - Mar 27, 2015
References: simolahtinen & yankodesign
Ideal for desktops and bedside tables, this book table lamp blends in with the literary objects that are commonly found on these sorts of surfaces. Simo Lahtinen took a very creative approach to dreaming up an illuminating object, giving it a shape that resembles a hardcover rather than the conventional stand-plus-lampshade.

To turn on the SIVU light, you simply draw the walnut wood panels apart, gradually exposing more and more of the bright surfaces inside. Diffuse white light escapes from the faces within the hinged fixture, pouring out more and more with the increasing angle of the separated leaves. When you don't require the book table lamp, simply close it and lay it flat on your nightstand, or just tuck it in between your shelved paperbacks.