VeraClean's Natural Cleaning Products Pride Themselves on Purity

Knowing that so many household cleaners are needlessly overloaded with harmful toxins, Kimberly Jones is a mother and entrepreneur that took it upon herself to create a new line of natural cleaning products. The VeraClean line includes four basic solutions, including a multi-surface cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, a glass cleaner and an antibacterial concentrate.

Rather than being made with bleach, ammonia, artificial fragrances and synthetic preserving agents, the products have a much simpler ingredient list of essential oils, natural cleaning surfactants and citrus citrates. By listing all ingredients used, VeraClean ensures transparency, safety and redefines what it means to get your home clean. This natural cleaning product line is now raising funds on Kickstarter, appealing to eco-conscious individuals who value health and honesty.