From Bluetooth Payment Cards to Digital Eye Strain Remedies

 - Apr 26, 2015
The top April 2015 Gadgets trends make up a large and varied list, but a few stand-out examples include digital payment, 3D printing and augmented health.

The reality of a cashless society is fast approaching, meaning that alternate forms of payment are on the rise. Mobile is set to become our number one payment method, so gadgets and products that coordinate with the mobile platform are sure to be popular. Another technology that's rising to the top is 3D printing. Much like virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing is applicable across industries, and it's rapidly broadening into realms of design, education and health. Health, in general, is a category that's becoming more gamified for individual use, with apps and devices being marketed to consumers as a way to monitor or preemptively manage their own health.

While the top April 2015 Gadgets trends cover a lot of ground, all of them are dedicated to improving consumer's everyday lives.