The Night Runner Shoe Lights Make It Safer To Run At Night

 - Mar 20, 2015
References: nightrunnergear & gizmag
The Night Runner Shoe Lights are LED lights that can fit onto your running shoes, illuminating the path ahead of you. Whether you're a fitness junkie who likes to go on long-bursting sprints at 2 am or just someone who enjoys a quiet nighttime stroll every once in a while, these LED lights will help you feel safer and find your way around in the dark.

The Night Runner Shoe Lights are attached to your footwear via a hook mechanism that works in conjunction with your shoe laces, with an adjustable bracket making it possible to attain maximum comfort. The light itself is a 75-lumen beam that provides up to 30 meters of visibility and 270 degree coverage.

Running at night is a great way to get your cardio fix whilst avoid crowds, however safety concerns prevent many people from enjoying this activity. However, a simple invention like sticking LED lights on a shoe could help a lot more people get outdoors in the dark and feel safe doing it.