Breath Universal Respirator Naturally Eases the Lungs' Consumption of Air

 - Mar 20, 2015
References: & tuvie
The designer of this futuristic-looking salt inhaler recognizes an increasing need for respiratory health equipment, yet he's most interested in coming up with non-medical solutions where possible. Called the Breath Universal Respirator, this concept device was developed as an essential appliance for the home, capable of quickly and conveniently helping to relieve wheeziness without requiring a doctor's assistance.

The form of this tabletop puffer system was inspired by the anatomy of lungs, and functions in a similar fashion. The user breathes into a curly tube that escapes from the mechanism, consuming a mixture of water vapor and pharmaceutical salt. The combination is mild yet effectively soothing, instantly alleviating any respiratory difficulties by a calming process. Daniel Farmer has come up with an idea that will only gain more relevance and necessity in a world that's becoming increasingly polluted.