Synchrony is a Modern Musical Instrument for Child and Parent Intimacy

 - Mar 12, 2015
References: kennethtay & tuvie
Science has demonstrated the great physical and emotional benefits of listening to and playing music, and this digital drum is a prime platform for application. Designed by Kenneth Tay, this beautiful object was created to be touched, producing only harmonious notes that encourage interaction between parents and their children with autism.

A gorgeous wooden base is topped with a spongy silicone surface that's ultra-touchable. Beneath the white ripples are five seamless slices of four bands, arranging a staggered system of ascension notes. These bring an element of surprise and variety to every experience of interacting with the Synchrony, which can be further enhanced by changing the sound preferences on the associated smartphone app. Recognizing that mental and emotional connections can be hard to achieve between mom, dad and their child on the spectrum, Tay has created a truly in-tune object.