From Therapeutic Digital Drums to Multisensory Children Toys

 - Jul 20, 2015
These high-tech autism innovations help individuals and their families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder. While autism affects individuals in different ways, there are many new tools designed to help deal with some of the common symptoms. From communicative children's caps to care worker review sites, there are many new tools available to individuals with autism and their families.

Many of the new autism innovations are related to children. Some of these innovations include toys aimed at stimulating different senses and encouraging play. For example, there are therapeutic digital drums that help children engage with sounds, as well as multi-sensory toys that provide a source of physical stimulation.

Beyond tools for individuals with autism, there are also several devices designed specifically for caretakers. Whether the caretaker is a parent or a professional, these tools help them navigate some of the challenges that come with working with individuals with autism. Some of these high-tech innovations include collaborative caregiving apps, autism community apps and even rescue drones.