Wi-Charge Lets Devices Seize Power Opportunities without the User

 - Mar 10, 2015
References: wi-charge
People are constantly using technology throughout the day, resulting in the need for battery packs, charging cables and more; Wi-Charge is a wireless charging technology that cuts out the middle man entirely. That middle man happens to be the user him- or herself, which makes life a lot more convenient.

The wireless charging technology relies on harmless infrared tech that streams downwards from the ceiling. Devices that require extra juice simply takes advantage of being in an area with such a powering opportunity around. As written on the Wi-Charge website, "From the user standpoint, the device is completely self-sustained, and acts as if it has an endless battery." This ensures that people stay constantly connected, which is especially helpful during times of emergency. At the same time, the wireless charging technology takes away a modern chore.