Snowshoe Stamps Include Chips for Interactive Mobile Marketing

 - Mar 21, 2015
References: beta.snowshoestamp
Stamps are pretty low-tech, but through 3D printing and interactive mobile marketing Snowshoe reinvents their appeal for a hyperconnected generation.

The printed plastic pieces are equipped with sensors, making it possible to distinguish one stamp from another. When the screen of a mobile device is digitally stamped, the screen makes a change to reflect the effect of the stamp's programming. For the purposes of gaming, Snowshoe Stamps can be used to differentiate a player's weapons.

At SXSW 2015, Snowshoe introduced its product to McDonald's in a pitch that would integrate these stamps with Happy Meal toys and web content. Whether the concept is picked up or not, this is definitely an awesome way for brands to blend mobile marketing with tangible objects that could potentially even be collectible or reveal prizes.