The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Smart Whiskey Bottle Talks To Your Smartphone

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: & gizmag
Alcoholic beverage giant Diageo and electronics company Thinfilm Electronics have teamed up to develop a Johnnie Walker Blue Label smart whiskey bottle. The bottle, which is currently in prototype stage, makes it easier for distributors to keep stock, while end users can connect the bottle to their smartphone and detect if it has been tampered with.

The bottle is embedded with sensors with Near Field Communication technology, which lets distributors track the bottle's movement through the supply chain. The technology could also be used to target promotions to users' smartphones, for example recommending recipes or advertising related products to them.

The smart whiskey bottle will certainly be of use to anyone who's afraid someone may tamper with or steal their whiskey. If you're a parent and have teenagers running around the house, this bottle will ensure that they won't steal some of your stash and dilute your precious poison.