The Lully Helps Get Rid of Night Terrors in Children

 - Mar 9, 2015
References: lullysleep & gizmag
Lully is a device that prevents night terrors in young children, helping better the quality of their sleep as well as that of their family.

The Lully consists of a vibrating pod and a smartphone app. The pod is placed under the child's mattress and communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth. It vibrates for a period of three minutes just as the child enters the phase of deep sleep during which night terrors occur. The app tracks children's sleeping patterns so parents know when to turn the Lilly on.

Since the Lully is not a full-on medical advice, it doesn't require a prescription. However, parents of children under the age of two are advised to consult a doctor before using it. The device is currently available for $129, $40 off its retail price.

With smartphones and apps being used for a wide variety of health-related applications, it's heartening to see a device being created to tackle a problem that can significantly improve quality of life.