These Homemade Refreshers Help Get Rid of Foul Odors

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: popsugar
Garbage disposal spaces can reek, so why not make these DIY garbage disposal refreshers to fix the problem and make sure your garbage disposal is as fresh as possible. These little refreshers make for heavy-duty cleaners but are surprisingly easy to make. They even look cute in a jar.

To make these DIY garbage disposal refreshers, add baking soda and salt to a mixing bowl and stir. Then grate lemon peel into the mixture and add liquid dish soap. Squeeze lemon juice into the mixture and stir until the mixture takes on the consistency of coarse sand. Then cover a baking tray with parchment paper and mold rounds of the mixture using a rounded teaspoon. Allow to dry overnight.

It really is as simple as that! Next time your sink or garbage can smells funky, just chuck one of these in and you're good to go.