The Teatro Tile Collection is Inspired by a Historical Italian Monument

 - Mar 5, 2015
Teatro is the ceramic tile collection by Ceramiche Refin that brings a monumental splash of Italian history to the living space. Refin's research and design team has created a unique collection based on original details of the Municipal Theatre of Modena in Italy, which they have appropriately entitled 'Teatro' (Theater in Italian).

The Teatro ceramic tiles offer a rich and classic style that make authentic references to the wood of the theater stage, copying both the stage language and traditional posters of the original theater performances. If you look closely, you can see the actual stage markers, and a design that resembles a worn wooden stage where actors once stood to give their performance A series of accent tiles under the Teatro collection are also reminiscent of antique posters, with a design based closely on the originals.

With new innovative technology in graphic techniques, the design possibilities for ceramic tiles have become endless. Intricate designs and patterns based on nature, or historical remnants in this case, are now possible. Tiles can take on the visual effect of several materials including wood and marble and with digital graphics, can feature 3D effects and the ability to never repeat patterns. Ceramic tiles are also becoming the flooring of choice for their sturdy and resistant nature that can adapt to both indoors and outdoors.