The Nextear Earphones Sit Well Inside Your Ear Canal

 - Apr 24, 2015
References: & gizmag
The Nextear earphones are miniscule wireless in-ear headphones developed by 21 year-old Australian whiz Jonathan Zuvela. These headphones come with a portable recharging case that offers built-in storage and an LED flashlight.

The Nextear earphones can be paired up over Bluetooth with any Bluetooth-enabled smart device. In addition to Bluetooth capability, the earphones are also equipped with high performance stereo, an applications processor and a 50 mAh lithium-ion button cell battery.

Despite being incredibly tiny, the Nextears promise a listening experience that is "comparable to or better than most of the top brand earphones" with practically zero latency. The earphones will also be equipped with a radar function -- in a companion app -- that will make them easy to locate should they get misplaced.

Modern headphone buyers are pretty high-maintenance in that they want top quality sound and a compact package, and the Nextyear certainly delivers on that front.