The Wake Alarm Uses Light and Sound to Gently Wake You Up

 - Apr 21, 2015
References: luceralabs & gizmag
The Wake alarm is a morning alarm solution, developed by Lucera Labs, that combines natural sunrise-like light with targeted sounds. While there are many alarms out there that mimic sunrise for a natural start to the day, the Wake alarm stands out because it also uses highly targeted sounds.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the alarm takes the form of a brick-shaped box that is attached to a wall mount above your bed. You can tell the system which side of the bed you sleep on. It will then find you in the morning using its infrared sensor to detect your body heat. Warm LED light is beamed to your face area to mimic a rising sun, while narrowly focused ultrasonic waves deliver subtle sounds.

The Wake alarm is perfect for couples as its targeting capabilities allow it to wake one person without disturbing the other.