The AlcoStop Analyzes Sweat to Thwart Drunk Drivers

 - Apr 24, 2015
References: & gizmag
Students at Mexico's Institute of Technology at Cintalapa have developed AlcoStop, a system that measures driver's blood alcohol levels by analyzing their sweat via built-in sensors. The system prevents the car from starting if blood alcohol levels indicate that the person is too drunk to drive.

The system comes with a companion app that includes an option to automatically sends a message to family and friends, letting them know that the person is drunk, car-less and requires a ride.

Many existing in-vehicle drunk-driving-prevention systems require people to blow into a breathalyzer. However the AlcoStop, which is envisioned as an aftermarket product that people can buy and install in their own vehicle, is less intrusive and just as accurate, making it a desirable alternative.