The Sharp Plasmacluster Mosquito Catcher Wards Off Unwanted Bugs

 - Mar 23, 2016
References: japantrendshop
The Sharp Plasmacluster Mosquito Catcher is an air purifier designed by Katori Kuusei that is also simultaneously an insect repellant against unwanted bugs. The device is designed to look like a humidifier with a sleek and black stand that transmits diffused air as well as a UV light traps unwanted insects to provide consumers with an uninterrupted and good night's rest.

The Plasmacluster Mosquito Catcher is a air purifier that works to clear the air of dust and pollen to provide cleaner breathing air for consumers. The device is fitted with a UV light as well, that is designed to attract mosquitos and other unwanted insects to the light. When bugs come close, they become trapped inside onto tacky adhesive paper. The purifier is ideal for homes and hot seasons when pesky bugs can keep consumers up at night.