The Mosquito Killer LED Light Bulb Turns Any Fixture into a Zapper

 - Feb 26, 2016
References: hammacher & thegreenhead
To help increase efficiency in outdoor environments, the Mosquito Killer LED Light Bulb is designed to help turn any light fixture into a bug-zapping machine. The device looks to replace traditional bug-zapping fixtures that often emit eerie lighting and require storage during the off-months.

The Mosquito Killer LED Light Bulb works by simply being installed into a traditional light fixture. From here, the bulb will offer pleasant illumination that attracts mosquitos and other flying insects to be zapped away.

The energy-efficient design of the bulb enables it to pump out the same lighting effect as a traditional 70-watt incandescent bulb. When the season is over, the bulb can be removed and stored to be used season after season thanks to the 40,000-hour lifespan.