'The Bug Bite Thing' Sucks Poison Out After a Nasty Bite

 - Mar 9, 2016
References: bugbitething & dudeiwantthat
The notion of sucking poison out of a snake bit or a sting isn't new, but 'The Bug Bite Thing' is designed to avoid having a friend use their mouth to do it. Working easily to suck the venom out of your skin after a bite, the device works essentially like a traditional plunger to suck the venom out of your skin.

Although it's not suitable for when you've been bit by a larger insect or serpent, 'The Bug Bite Thing' will work well with smaller scale woes like bee stings or mosquito bites. The device works by simply sucking the stinger and/or venom out of your skin to help prevent infection, deter the occurrence of itching and help prevent trips to a doctor.