This Exhaust Accessory is Designed to Eliminate Deathly Bugs

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: vimeo & adweek
A non-profit charity organization titled 'The Duang Prateep Foundation' created a motorcycle exhaust accessory that eliminates deathly mosquitoes. This handy gadget called ' MotoRepellent' was created in order to reduce the amount of deaths caused by mosquitoes in Thailand.

The exhaust accessory is described as a "light-weight, mobile device filled with non-toxic mosquito repelling oil and is magnetically attached to the end of a motorcycle’s exhaust pipe." As heat is generated by the bike, the oil is expelled into the air and has the ability to cover a three meter radius.

This gadget, which can be thought of as a "citronella candle on wheels" is a revolutionary idea that will assist many people since motorcycles are "the main mode of transportation in the slums."