The Jacob Jensen Air Quality Tracker Monitors Harmful Chemicals

 - May 4, 2016
References: shop.jacobjensendesign & uncrate
While consumers often focus on eliminating harmful chemicals from the food and water they eat, the air we breathe can often go unnoticed -- making a device such as the Jacob Jensen air quality tracker an ideal gadget to keep an eye on the grade of oxygen. The device is able to keep track of the amount of pollutants and chemicals floating around in the air, while simultaneously providing a filtration system to pull them out. This is ideal for consumers looking to increase their quality of life through the air they breathe.

Knowing whether the air quality is poor can be difficult to judge since the substance is a clear and undetectable one. The Jacob Jenson monitor is a sleek rectangular device that measures chemicals such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide and alerts users whether the air is of high or poor quality with different colored light settings.