The Straw Humidifier Would be the Most Compact Means to Create Moisture

 - Apr 23, 2014
References: & yankodesign
When I think of a device that brings moisture into dry interior air, I think if a big boxy machine. The Straw Humidifier, therefore, may surprise you too by its function, for it has been developed to serve the same purpose.

Kyuho Song was driven by the idea that everyone should have access to a simple vaporizing contraption to make domestic life more comfortable in the winter months. The concept comprises a compact and narrow dock that acts as a case and as a USB charger for the Straw Humidifier. The device itself is even slimmer and keeps to the dimensions of a real drink sipper. Simply place the pipette in a glass of water and bend the top to turn it on. It would instantly begin converting liquid into gas.