Set Up the Reversed Hole Humidifier Anywhere in Any Orientation

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: & yankodesign
The Reversed Hole Natural Humidifier offers a flexibility that few appliances of its type do: the contraption is portable, enabling you to position it where it's most needed, be it on your desk in front of you or on your bedside table.

The compact cylindrical container houses an efficient air conditioning system that improves the moisture and overall quality of what you're breathing in. Based on the principles of atmospheric pressure, the device contains water chambers that are impressively cap-free, yet are incapable of spilling.

Given that you would keep the Reversed Hole Natural Humidifier close at hand, it's very possible that the tall object could topple over. Ju-yeon Won, Kyuhong Lee, Taewoo Kim and Hansung Choi were able to give their design a sleek and slender aesthetic without a worry that it would negatively impact the product's performance.