The NewFresh Air Purifier Improves Interior Atmospheres

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
One of few disadvantages to the improved sealing of contemporary structures is that gases get trapped within houses, and the NewFresh Air Purifier aims to exploit subtle circulation to catch any suspicious substances, rendering the quality of the oxygen you breathe to be much improved.

The gases that enter the filtration system are energized and dismantled by active carbon cleaning. The process of trapping unwanted airborne molecules is cutting-edge, efficient, and even eco-friendly at that. The use of intelligent appliance will guarantee a better interior environment based on its dynamic abilities, but its passive characteristics offer just as much peace of mind.

Designed by NextofKin Creatives, the NewFresh Air Purifier takes on an intricate and elegant form. What's more, when place on-end, it even acts as a fetching flower vase that will bring a natural fragrance to your nice clean air.