The Stick Humidifier Requires Only a Glass of Water to Operate

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: knobz-design & mocoloco
If your skin is feeling dull from the harsh A/C, the stick humidifier will help bring life back into your complexion. Although many people despise humidity for its hair-frizzing attributes, your skin craves moisture to stay plump and lively.

The bullet-shaped stick humidifier designed by Yusuke Fujigaya and Kazuhiro Yamamoto requires only a glass of water to operate. The rod-like device is dunked into the cup, turned on and presto, steaming condensation billows out from the top. The tankless design makes this covert purifier a travel-friendly option that can be popped into your bag no problem. Airplanes are especially notorious for their arid conditions and can take a toll on your delicate skin. With the stick humidifier, you can create a personal moisturizing climate all for your self.

If your skin needs extra moisture in the dry, air-conditioned summers, consider the stick humidifier as your personal and portable solution.