The Decora Room Humidifier Doesn't Require Batteries or Electricity

 - Feb 27, 2013
References: pinterest & solutions
The Decora Room Humidifier is not only portable and small in size, but it's also self-containing in the fact that it doesn't require any batteries or electricity in order to function.

This inventive humidifier design works by using simple water evaporation to put moisture back into the dry air. This spherically shaped device is made out of Dolomite material, each of which have small cut-outs on the bottom. These circular balls are placed in small ceramic dishes, which you are then supposed to fill with water. The Dolomite balls serve to absorb the water, and through simple evaporation, release that moisture back into the air.

While its deceptively sleek appearance may fool you into believing that this is just another piece of decor, this spherical humidifier is actually a completely self-sustaining device that unsuspectingly provides a source of moisture.