The Bloom Air Medic is an Air Purifier with an Organic Appeal

 - May 1, 2011
References: lukeriggall & designbuzz
Most air purifiers take the appearance of unsightly appliances, but the Bloom Air Medic is a useful apparatus that happens to be a pleasure to look at.

Designer Luke Riggall wished to conceive a contraption that could clean the air, infuse the room with a sweet scent and appeal to the sense of sight. His creative process led him to a form inspired by the soft and serene quality of the jellyfish.

Not entirely satisfied with shape alone, Riggal asserts that this object will float about the room just as a squid does in the sea. Carried by a pocket of replenishing hot air below its body, the Bloom Air Medic goes as far as to become a focal point, emitting a pleasant glow and a heavenly aroma.