The 'Secac Humidifier' is an Entirely Green Way to Reduce Stuffiness

Instead of having to completely clear out entire rooms in the household for ease of air flow, implementing a few green concepts like the 'Secac Humidifier' will allow for humidified air circulation, thus a comfortable living environment.

This humidifier was composed using readily available resources and, with a little bit of creative design, is now a modernistic piece that can make the home look nicer while providing eco-friendly breathing solutions. It is a simple white bucket that has a green rim and handle. It has an added top that looks like a sprout and all the user has to to do is clip on the on/off switch and fill up the bucket to a given water level. Once switched on, the sprout moves downwards over the water, converting it to steam and and pushing it out into the air. The word "Secac" means "sprout" in Korean, which adds to the creativity of the piece. It's an amazing green solution to optimize the home as an eco-efficient living station.