This Mat Wicks Away Moisture to Keep You Cool All Night

 - Feb 16, 2014
References: global.rakuten & japantrendshop
If you have trouble sleeping through the night because you're either too hot or too cold, this dehumidifier mat can help wick away temperature woes.

This Double Impact moisture dehumidifier mat is meant to be put under your mattress, and helps to cool down your nighttime environment. The mat is adjustable just by adding more or less mats to fit the bed frame, and is light enough to change between beds or futons. It is made with three layers, which allows air to flow through and if you get too warm, it absorbs moisture to keep you cool.

When moisture collects in your bed, it wears it down and creates bacteria, creating a spot for insects and germs to grow in. This dehumidifier mat keeps your bed cool and hygienic so you won't have to change mattresses as often, and you can sleep comfortably through hot summer nights.