From Healing USB Nebulizers to Pocket-Sized Humidifiers

 - Jul 8, 2015
Aside from filling interiors with pleasing scents, aromatherapy diffusers are able to boast a range of other health benefits as well. A few of the reasons for using a diffuser at home might include air purification for those who suffer from asthma or allergies, adding moisture to the air to reduce dryness and warding off sickness by killing airborne fungus and bacterica. Another simple reason might be for stress management, since some scents are particularly good for relieving anxiety.

As well as having evaporating, ultrasonic, heat and cold air aromatherapy diffusers stationed in the home, many consumers are looking for portable scent diffusers that can be plugged into the computer and car as a health and wellness management solution on the go.

These high-tech and low-tech systems typically only require the addition of water and a scented oil of your choosing, these all-natural systems promote holistic healing.