This Humidifier is Easy to Use and Will Keep Winter Woes Away

 - Jan 5, 2014
References: aggift
This winter-amazing humidifier can help solve your winter woes. The humidifier clings on to any standard size water bottle and is powered by your USB cable. The bigger the bottle, the longer it will run but roughly this ought to last you for eight hours.

Unlike most humidifiers, this one requires little to no sterilization -- just toss the bottle and reuse another one. Due to its compact size, the humidifier only targets what’s important -- you -- as opposed to the space around you. The sponge --technically known as the oscillator, is attached to the portal purifies the water, allowing a gentle mist to surround you.

Carry it around in your bag and set it up wherever you are. At home, the office, a coffee shop and even in your car, the possibilities are endless as long as you have an outlet or portal.