The Electrolux Aeroball Hovers Around Rooms Improving Interior Conditions

 - Aug 10, 2012
References: flickr & electroluxdesignlab
Instead of hiding away on a shelf or at the juncture of your walls and ceiling, the Electrolux Aeroball system consists of a cluster of delicate orbs that magically hang in the air of a room. They are a constant reminder of the expert job that they're doing to keep your interior conditions optimal for respiratory health.

The exquisite little pom-poms are like magnified spherical snowflakes, impossibly lightweight and impressively engineered. They act as effective air purifiers and air filters that remain hovering to maintain the freshness of indoor environments.

If that benefit to these beautiful decorative doodads wasn't enough, designer Jan Ankiersztajn incorporated another feature. During the day, each Electrolux Aeroball absorbs the light around it, only to gently exude it as a soft firefly-like glow at night.