The BioPop 'Dinosphere' Mini Aquarium Glows When Agitated

 - Jun 15, 2016
References: biopop & thegreenhead
Despite the BioPop 'Dinosphere' mini aquarium looking like it's powered by electricity, it's actually powered by the glowing inhabitants of the tank. Spherical in design, the BioPop 'Dinosphere' is intended to be filled with bioluminescent dinoflagetllate marine plankton that absorb light during the daytime. When the sun has set, swirling the BioPop 'Dinosphere' to agitate the microorganisms makes them disperse the light they absorbed in the form of glowing illumination.

The BioPop 'Dinosphere' mini aquarium requires no batteries to operate and can be used as a natural nightlight for children. Moreover, it makes a great option for kids as a first pet in order to learn about aquatic life; it's almost like a glowing version of Sea Monkeys.