These Luxurious Wine Glasses Use a Metal Base and Eliminate the Stem

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: luxuo
French goldsmith Puiforcat created these luxurious wine glasses that alter the classic form of a stemmed glass, to present a collection of metal-based cups.

Instead of sculpting a wine glass with a thin, unsteady stem, the brand opts for a metallic base. Each wine glass comes to a rounded point, which could have extended into a stem, but instead fits into the silver base.

These luxurious wine glasses were created in a collaborative effort between Puiforcat, sommelier Enrico Bernando and designer Michael Anastassiades. The collection is available for consumers and consists of red wine, white wine, champagne and dessert wine glasses as well as liqueur vessels, a bottle holder, a champagne bucket and a six-bottle ice bucket.