This Pan Safety Lid Reduces the Risk of Steam and Boiling Water Burns

 - Mar 26, 2016
References: yankodesign
Even the most common and simple of cooking tasks can be quite dangerous, and this is what this safety lid strives to prevent. When you lift the 'Never Burn Lid' off of your skillet or pot, one side of it hinges down to encourage the run-off of hot, condensed water.

You can pick up and tilt Hsu Wei-Che's safety lid without scalding the skin on your arm or your hand. What's more, you can place it aside with a much smaller footprint, because the narrow folded section props the rest of the cap in an upright position. Yet more hot liquid can run off it this way.

What this concept product indicates is that designers are looking for ways to tweak existing, effective objects around the house in order to enhance functionality.