RegulSmoke's Smoking-Stopper Controls and Curbs Cigarette Intake

 - Jan 9, 2016
Smoking-Stopper is an app-connected device that stores cigarettes while helping users curb their unhealthy habit. Developed by RegulSmoke, the smart cigarette box curbs the unhealthy habit by controlling one's intake daily and was unveiled at this year's CES 2016 event. The device essentially wont's allow users to smoke more than a specific amount of cigarettes per day, providing a realistic method of quitting rather than an extreme one that is more likely to result in withdrawal.

Once a user stores their cigarettes in the Smoking-Stopper, the box is shut tightly and will only open if they are consuming a dose that doesn't dramatically affect their well-being. The device and its accompanying app work by analyzing the psychological and emotional profiles of users and also take factors like lifestyle, fitness habits and medical history into account.