The Heart-Shaped Watermelon Was Engineered by Kimura Yoichi

 - Feb 13, 2015
References: surprisedfarmer & toxel
Japanese farmer Kimura Yoichi has engineered a system to grow heart-shaped watermelons that would make a perfect Valentine's day gift for your sweetheart. The quirky fruit is shaped with a plastic mold created by Yoichi.

Located in the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan, Yoichi's company is called Surprised Farmer, who also produce tea, eggplant, rice and regional fruits shiranui and mikan.

It took Yoichi, who has been described as an agricultural craftsmen, some time before developing a mold that didn't cramp the fruit during the farming process, while the heart-shaped watermelon is also slightly sweeter than the average variety of the fruit as well.

Yoichi is said to have gotten the idea for exploring the shapes into which he could grow his produce when a woman in his town jokingly asked him for a heart-shaped watermelon.