These Heart-Shaped Foods are Perfect For Valentine's Day

 - Feb 2, 2016
In anticipation of Valentine's Day, why not make a few of these heart-shaped treats? Whether your sweet tooth craves a donut or lollipop, these lovely dishes are designed to make the romantic holiday a more delicious affair.

While heart-shaped desserts are fairly popular around this time, a main course dish can be just as charming and sentimental. While Love Kitsune's heart-shaped aburaage or fried tofu is an Asian delight, Boston Pizza's heart-shaped pizzas give a popular Italian dish a Valentine's Day makeover. These heart-shaped treats also include Bustle's tie-dyed cupcakes as well as Aww Sam's romantic donuts that resemble the glimmering heart emoji.

Moreover, these lovely Valentine's Day treats also include unusual dishes such as deceiving Kamaboko cakes and anatomically correct lollipops.