This Peach Ice Cream is Flavored with Sweet Notes of Rose

 - Feb 12, 2016
References: heatherchristo
Offering an alternative to heavy desserts such as cookies and cakes is this floral sorbet recipe by Heather Christo that creatively infuses the sweetened homemade peach ice cream with notes of fresh rose for added fragrance. The dish is sweet with a slight earthy taste that makes a perfect Valentine's Day treat thanks to the sorbet's rose color hue. The dessert is also conveniently dairy-free making it a great alternative for consumers with dietary restrictions looking to indulge in a frozen dessert.

The White Peach and Rose Sorbet is a unique blend of fruits and flowers to create a light, airy dessert that is feminine and ideal for any occasion. The sorbet base is made from rose water rather than milk or cream giving it a much lighter consistency that is less creamy and more so blended ice. The dish is sweetened with lemon juice, peach slices, sugar, water and served with rose petals for garnish.