These Portable Rice Snacks Offer a Sweet Way to Fuel Up on the Go

 - Jun 17, 2016
References: ricebliss
In the West, rice is most often seen as a side dish that accompanies a main meal, but Ricebliss is out to change this with its single-serve brown rice snack bowls.

Ricebliss is a globally inspired snack that takes cues from Asian porridge and European pudding, using a base of brown rice, coconut milk and flavorful natural ingredients to provide a wholesome snack. While brown rice is typically served alongside savory foods, these snacks come in sweet flavors like Acai & Chia, Cocoa and Pumpkin Pie.

These vegan Ricebliss snacks are free from gluten, dairy, cholesterol, GMO and soy ingredients. These rice snacks were created by two sisters who set out to make a nourishing snack for their mother who suffers from Crohn’s Disease.