The Arla Protein Cottage Cheese Snack Provides 20-Grams of Protein

 - Jun 14, 2016
References: arlafoods & foodbev
The worldwide demand for foods rich in protein is showing little sign of slowing down with the Arla Protein cottage cheese snack being one of the latest products to help satiate demand.

The cottage cheese comes as a part of the latest lineup of Arla Protein products that are targeted at the health-conscious consumer looking for lean ways to stay fuller longer.

The Arla Protein cottage cheese snack is purported to have the same levels of protein as five eggs or a whole chicken breast. This in addition to a low 1.5% fat content gives the Arla Protein cottage cheese an advantage over other products on the market. It also updates cottage cheese to be a new staple for those looking for a protein-rich way to snack